2013/14 AWARDS

On the 6th of June the Liberty Stadium, home of Swansea FC, hosted the Swansea Titans 2013/14 Awards Dinner. The evening saw the presentation of the social awards, player awards, coaches awards and admissions into the Hall of Fame. Huge thank yous went out to the coaches, the committee, the volunteers and of course all the players who have made this year the most successful year in the club's history


Gavin Ruined Award (Drunkest Titan): Mike Legg
Dick of the Year: George Downs-Wheeler
Players Rookie of the Year: Jacob Amadi
Players Player of the Year: Marcus Wyatt


Rookie of the Year: Jacob Amadi
Most Improved Player of the Year: George Downs-Wheeler
Offensive Player of the Year: Simon George
Defensive Player of the Year: Adam Salter
MVP: Marcus Wyatt

#25 Ollie Runswick
#52 William Wren
#10 Luke Gallivan
#83 Dean Jackson
#44 Stephen Donaldson-Ellison