On the Friday just gone Uplands Rugby Football Club hosted the Swansea Titans End of Year Awards Ceremony and Dinner. Uplands RFC provided a gourmet buffet and a wide range of tasty refreshments for the club members for what was a very memorable event.

After everyone was fed and watered the awards were presented, beginning with the player voted for awards. Tom Mann won the much-conveted Dick of the Year award, while Gabriel Tapfuma won the Gavin Ruined award for being the most ridiculous drunk.

Joe Cotterill won Player's Rookie for 2015 after his impressive performances on both sides of the ball and his role off the field, helping his fellow rookies learn the game. Second year running back Jacob Amadi won the Player's Player for 2015 after a year that saw him gain Great Britain Students colours and get voted for as an All-DC first team running back.

After presenting the two players awards, Club Captain Simon George stayed on the stage and read a short speech and invited Hall of Famer and HC Nick Keyse to induct Marcus Wyatt into the Swansea Titans Hall of Fame. Wyatt, of course, was an influential figure the Titans becoming a winning team for the first time in their history and winning the Challenge Trophy in 2014. Wyatt won Rookie and Offensive Player of the year as well as MVP across his three years with the Titans.

The second inductee of the Swansea Titans 2015 Hall of Fame was Richard Ledger, again inducted by HC Keyse. Ledger progressed from receiver coach to offensive coordinator and called plays in the explosive 2014 offensive, which broke all club scoring records and was a top 5 offense in the country.

Next up, coaches Keyse, Perkins, Gallivan and Gammaidoni presented the following coaches awards for 2015:

Titan of the year: Callum Barnard

Athlete of the year: Simon George

Most improved player of the year: David Prince

Coaches Rookie of the Year: Joe Cotterill

Offensive Player of the Year: Josh Hughes

Defensive Player of the Year: George Downs-Wheeler

MVP: Jacob Amadi

The very last order of business was for Coach Keyse to introduce the captains for the 2015/16 season. Normally at least three of the captains would named at the end of year meal, however HC decided to leave those up for grabs during pre-season in August and September and just decided to name the new Club Captain for the Titans. Jacob Amadi’s name was once again read and the 2015 Player’s Player and MVP was awarded the role of Club Captain for the 2015/16 season.