BUCS League Structure (via Double Coverage)

This morning BUCS announced two potential league proposals for the 2014/15 University Football season. In theannouncement BUCS invited all institutions involved to respond with what structure they preferred:

The institutions involved are invited to comment on which format they prefer. Positions of teams within these structures is subject to change once the final structure has been agreed.”


Proposal A is a 3 tier structure that has a Premier League North & South made up of 6 teams in each.



Proposal B is a 2 tier structure that has 4 tier 1 divisions made up of 5 teams in each and 8 tier 2 divisions.



In Proposal B we can see that there are potentially 6 new teams joining the league next season, Heriot Watt, Chester, Edge Hill, Falmouth, Bournemouth and Winchester (Westminster being highlighted appears to be a mistake).