Hello Joe, tell us why you choose to come to Swansea University? 

Hi, I choose Swansea University for a number of reasons! Firstly, my course, finance and economics, which I wanted to do, ranks very high at Swansea University. Secondly, after visiting the campus and city centre to get a real feel of what the ‘Swansea’ lifestyle is about. Then when you see the beach being a short 30-second walk away from the gates on campus, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the place. The campus itself was also really nice, with a brand new campus being built especially for my area of study.

To find out the football team is coming off a challenge cup win is an extremely big bonus. Thus, I got in touch with HC Nick Keyse, Nick was very welcoming, supportive and didn’t put me under any pressure. In addition to that I also got to meet some of team who again, were great.

Tell us a bit about your football playing experience?

I have played football for around 4 years now! A mixture of both contact and flag. I played under a great coaching staff in Bristol, to name a few, Benjamin Herod and Shane Prosser. I’ve been a captain on both sides of the ball at some points each year. I’ve played Safety and Receiver for most of my life, which allows me to score twice the amount. I’ve been lucky when playing defense as I’ve always been the free safety in a cover 3 and even in a cover 1. This allows me to play sideline to sideline, lay some hits and go for the ball! On offence I built some serious chemistry with my QB - Andy ‘AJ’ Mepstead who had a cannon of an arm, we understood each telepathically - some would say we had the Brady-Moss connection!

What do you want to achieve with the Swansea Titans?

Only one thing, to go undefeated and win trophies!

In the short term my only goal is to win a starting job (or even 2). Getting on the pitch is all I need to do. However, in the long term I’d like improve individually and hopefully improve the team in different aspects. The Titans currently have a great set-up, which has come a very long way in such a short space of time. The coaching staff, guys like S&C coach Luke Gallivan, are all self motivated and well educated, giving you the best path to succeed. They’re all on the same page and know what to expect from each other, the structure within the team is crisp.

If not Swansea, where would you be?

The University of Birmingham, whish is a fantastic university with a football program that compliments it. The coaching staff there are phenomenal, in fact the whole setup, including Lions juniors is excellent. Its one of those programs you’d be extremely proud of as an alumni.

Do you feel under pressure to perform at a high level considering your experience and having met the team?

Sure, but I’ll just go out there show what I can do and hopefully the coaching staff can see that from practice! If not I’ll just have to be grateful for any opportunity and do what I do! I’ve always been well motivated, mainly down to teammates like Jake Thomas from Bristol PRIDE, and many others.

Do you have college and pro teams?

I support the Patriots, mainly down to Bruins (the hockey team in Boston), they were pretty bad in back in 2003 but hockey was my favorite sport! It seemed logical to support the Patriots when I developed an interest for football, and luckily was born into a glory era!

I also support the Boston College Eagles (again, goes back to hockey), we’re not the greatest at football but we develop some good one off talents! My other team would be Alabama, no one coaches and recruits in college like Nick Saban.

I would definitely be playing ice hockey if I weren’t playing football!

Thanks Joe! And Welcome to the Swansea Titans! 

You can follow Joe on twitter @JoeCotterill8