BUCS New League Alignment: Looking West

Since BUAFL became affiliated with BUCS the league has been restructured twice, both in the last two years. The new league structure, consisting of three tiers, relegation and promotion, has been BUCS’ goal all along. This article does not intend to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the new league structure but rather indicate what it means for old SWAC teams and the Swansea Titans.

The Titans (7-1) will play in the 1A Western division with the Cardiff Cobras (7-1), UWE Bullets (5-3) and Exeter Demons (6-2). Re-joining those teams is the Aberystwyth Tarannau (8-0) who won the North West Conference in 2015 and like the Titans, lost in the semi-finals.

At one stage in the process it looked as though the Titans might be joined by a team from much further south or from the West Midlands. However, in many way the division is ‘as expected’. You would be mistaken however, to think that the results will go much the same as last year, as is the nature of ‘uniball’, where graduates move on quickly. In addition to the continual carousel of players, coaches move on also; both UWE and Exeter will have new head coaches at the start of the new season.

Looking at the 1A Western it would be hard to disagree that every game will be competitive. The teams now get to play one another home and away which should provide the opportunity to develop the tactical side of the game and weed out repetitive, unimaginative schemes and play calling.

The Bournemouth Bobcats are the only new addition to the old guard of the South West. The Bobcats find themselves in the 2A Western with the familiar faces of the old SWAC.

For the Titans, who finished the season with playoff and Varsity losses, there is a new challenge. A challenge to turn up week in week out and beat teams who will be more prepared than ever before. They will have the mouthwatering opportunity to play the Cobras twice in the regular season and ‘should’ play their first full season, with no walkovers, in three years. 

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