Week three of the BUAFL season is in the books and there where a few surprise results. In the SWAC Cardiff & Gloucester shocked everybody by finishing the game 0-0, after two quaters of over time the score finished 14-12 to the Gladiators. Another game that was expected to be very tight, UWE vs Exeter ended up being the complete opposite as the Bullets blew away the Demons with a 52-9 victory sending out a clear message to the league that UWE are set for a strong playoff push.

In the North East Huddersfield seem to have found an offence from somewhere after putting up a very impressive 72 points on Teeside. Sunderland where the surprise pick of the division after 7 of our presidents chose them to lose to Newcastle, they proved us wrong winning 36-15 over the Raiders.

In the North West Bangor vs Keele was no where near the close encounter that we had expected, Bangor actually won a game and very convincingly beating up on the new boys 64-6. The Fury have also proved they are set for a playoff run this season after beating the UCLan Rams 30-9, they now sit 3-0 quite a turnaround after being 2-6 last season.

I thought it was a bold pick saying that Worcester would win week 1 to say the least, but now they look like a legitimate playoff contender in the MAC after a 27-14 win over Wolverhampton they are now 2-0. With the 4th spot all to play for after NTU, Loughborough & Brum destroy the division and inevitably finish 1, 2 & 3.

What a bad weekend for all of Southampton, both teams where picked by our presidents to win convincingly and both let us down. Solent losing 38-20 to Reading & Uni of losing 7-6 to Brighton. Although even more surprising may be the fact that Surrey are sitting

3rd in the division with a 2-1 record after a strong 18-6 win over OBU.

In Scotland Stirling where agonisingly close to posting a 100 burger on Napier. It almost seems like a waste of time Stirling playing a regular season, the sooner we move to a tier system the better for all of Scottish football. 93-7 games do no good for either team apart from creating highlight reels.

In London the LSBU Spartans secured what I think is their first ever BUCS league win with a 24-0 victory over the City Sentinels. And Royal Holloway have gone from being the doormats of the division last year to currently occupying the top spot after a 25-0 win over Westminster.

In the South East A Hertfordshire March even closer to that first 50 burger of the season after a 49-0 win over Cambridge following last weeks 48-0 victory. Logic would suggest that this means they will win 50-0 this week, however they will be facing a tough UEA side who are coming off a 20-0 victory over BNU. Essex continue to wallow at the bottom of the division after a 21-0 loss to Kent.

So what does all this mean for our President’s Picks league table?! The biggest riser of the week is Sam Farley (Bristol Barracuda) who has gone from 6th to 3rd place now on 61 points. The biggest faller of the week is Michael Harvey (Gloucestershire Gladiators) who has gone from 4th place to 7th. Still occupying top spot is Swansea’s Frankie Pankhurst and surprisingly in last place is Robin Ford off the Cardiff Cobras on 0 points.




Total Correct Picks


Frankie Pankhurst (Swansea Titans)



Ian Redman (UWE Bullets)



Sam Farley (Bristol Barracuda)



Matt Thomas (Bath Killer Bees)



Simon Edwards (Plymouth Blitz)



Ollie Tribe (Exeter Demons)



Michael Harvey (Gloucestershire Gladiators)



Joshua Steele (Bath Spa Bulldogs)



Joshua Tumbridge (Aberystwyth Tarannau)



Robin Ford (Cardiff Cobras)



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