In a fairly one sided affair the Swansea Titans went 2 & 0 on the 2014/15 season as they beat the Bath Spa Bulldogs 0-57. The Titans only failed to score a touchdown on two drives and blooded some rookie talent in a comfortable and expected win. Rookie running back Jonathan Pratt broke off a long touchdown on one of his first carries in BUCS football and rookie full back Joseph Everett punched in a short yardage touchdown as the Titans look to maintain their pool of talented runners. 

The Bulldogs only began the game with 17 players and were commendable in their effort and not caving in. The Titans coaching staff were pleased to blood a number of rookies on offence and defence. Rookie middle linebacker Dom Salzano received a notable mention from HC Nick Keyse after the game. Club Captain Simon George reiterated the importance of rookies taking their chances in their first competitive game action both before and after the game and seemed pleased at the way a number of rookies took those chances. 

MVPS:                 David Price                 Jacob Amadi                 Josh Hughes