The Titans lost 33-35 to the SWAC's reigning champions and title favorites Bath Killer Bees in a game where neither team really deserved to walk off with defeat. The first two quarters saw the Titans defense shut out the Killer Bees while the Titans offense scored twice to allow the Titans to take a 13-0 lead into the half-time break. 

However, Bath stepped up their game in the second half, running the ball well behind their athletic offensive line. The Titans managed to respond on almost every occasion, maintaining the two score difference throughout the third and fourth quarters. At 33-19 with a few minutes remaining the game looked in Swansea's favour but Bath thought otherwise. A quick score followed by an onside kick, followed by another TD and two point conversion put the away team up 33-35. 

The Titans did all they could in the final seconds to get the ball down the field and set up a field goal try but came up short. A tough loss for Wales' best American football team but one that the Titans are determined to move on and learn from.

MVPS:                  Simon George                     Marcus Wyatt                          Callum Barnard