The Swansea Titans American Football Team face one of their toughest challenges to date. The Titans have progressed year on year and have now established themselves as worthy playoff contenders heading into the 2013/14 season. 

Last years 5 and 3 finish saw victories over rivals Aberystwyth and was topped off with the teams first ever varsity win over Cardiff. However, the nature of all university sport means there is a natural turnover of players, hence inevitably some key members of the team have moved on.

With the season opener against Bristol Barracuda on November the 3rd fast approaching the coaches and veteran players have their work cut out to bring the rookies up to speed.

The Titans have annual ‘Old Boys Game’ followed by a competitive scrimmage against UWE Bullets, Bath Spa Bulldogs and Coventry Jets a fortnight before week one of the regular season. 

The 2013/14 fixtures see the Titans play 5 games prior to the Christmas break and three games after starting in the first week of February. Noticeable fixtures include Bath Killer Bees in game four, Exeter Demons in game five followed by Gloucestershire Gladiators in game six.

Previous years results and records would suggest that this spell of fixtures might define the season for the Titans. The Titans will face Falmouth Tridents in game seven, a team who will be experiencing their, traditionally difficult, first year in university American football.

The season will finish with a warm up to varsity as Cardiff travel to Swansea to wrap up the regular season. Despite the majority of games are played on a Sunday, both teams are hopeful that this fixture will be played on a Friday evening at St. Helens Cricket and Rugby Ground.

Adam Salter is the new Defensive Captain for Swansea and he is one of many three-year veterans who are looking to fill the void left by ex-Club Captain and influential linebacker Stephen Donaldson-Ellison. ‘The defence saw a lot of starters move on during the summer, especially in the front seven. Its up to our established players to reproduce the same form that this defensive unit has done over previous years.’

A successful season for this team will solely be judged on wins and losses and whether their overall record is good enough for them to make the playoffs for the first time in their history. There are a number of key players to look out for over the course of the year but none more so than wide receiver Marcus Wyatt. Wyatt has beaten the team’s current touchdown record already and with this being his 3rd year in an offense that he knows well. If the Titans perform how they hope, expect to hear that name a lot in the months to come.